Friday, May 16, 2008

Service Learning Reflection May 2nd

Overall I think this meeting was very successful. We continue to move on schedule with the filming of our documentary. In the midst of this a problem that we did encounter was, when we accidentally recorded over a previously recorded scene. I think for now we have a few more scenes, to do, and after that we can began to edit the documentary. A role that i played in the group was acting in various scenes, and planning for the future in the group.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Of Mice & Men Theme's Essay

Julian Brunson
Of Mice & Men Essay

In the story titled “Of Mice & Men” it tells the tragic story of how two men try to fulfill the American Dream, but keep running into roadblocks on the way. In this classic tale it follows George and Lenny, two men who are forced to move west after a series of unfortunate events.

It all started back in Weed when Lenny began to sexually harass an innocent woman. I know what you are thinking though, you’re thinking Lenny is a pervert but no he isn’t. See there’s sort of like a big part I left out in letting you know that Lenny’s a little slow (in proper terms: MENTALLY CHALLENGED). Well back to what I was saying, Lenny not knowing right from wrong began to inappropriately touch a woman, which sparked a manhunt looking for the two of them. After running for a period of time they got away.
Between all of the madness, it’s hard to see, but in this tale of two men they actually have themes. Some of the themes I’ve seen in this story are the Fraternity of brotherhood, the pursuit of the American Dream, and human predators.

The first theme I will elaborate on is the American dream. In conjunction with that you can see some of the ideals, which are: family, fame, fortune, and dwelling. As for family you can clearly see that George, Lennie, and Candy appear to be close almost as family. As for their current situation they are stuck in what appears to dwellings, but no fear because they have plan’s to make it out of the gutter. Fame comes into play along with Curley’s wife, who is sick of her living situation, and wants a career in show business.

The next theme I want to elaborate on is the Fraternity of brotherhood. One example of this how all the men unite to complete their work on time at the ranch. Another example of brotherhood is when all the men united to kill Lennie, the reason for them uniting to kill Lennie was because of the fact that Lennie killed Curley’s wife. One more example of brotherhood is how the men can unite to relax, in the story men united on they’re off time to play horseshoes, & go into the city.

The final theme I will elaborate on from “Of Mice & Men” is the human predator theme. The first well-known predator in this story is Curley. Curley is known as the bully of the ranch. He was known for picking on people that were bigger than him, slim, and his wife. Another bully on the ranch was crooks. He was known for picking on white people as a whole, and especially Lennie. The third and last person I will talk about is Curley’s wife. In my opinion she was more of a sexual predator, who usually picked on Curley, George, and Lennie.

In conclusion these are the themes that I think make up Of Mice & Men.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Service Learning Blog 4/25

During this week in service learning we got off to a great start. This week we actually began filming for our PSA documentary. I can't give you many details about it, but just know it's something to look out for. Overall I think my group has made a great deal of progress over the last few weeks. The chemistry is good, and we tend to get our work done on schedule.

Monday, March 3, 2008

"Native Son" Chapter 3

Planning The Big Heist
In chapter three, Bigger and his friends Gus, Jack, and GH met at old Doc's pool room discussing their big heist. At first it started with Bigger and Gus and GH hanging out at old Doc's smoking, playing a game, and having a conversation about Bigger getting a new job. All of a sudden the word Old Blum came out of Bigger mouth. The gang started asked Bigger why all of the sudden his bringing Old Blums name, bigger then said because they were going to rob him. Then as soon as bigger bring up robbing a white person the gang started to get nervous. Gus was angry and said he is not going to do the robbery, and the rest of the gang agreed with him. That robbing a white man would mean entering into new territory and dealing with cops. But this idea of robbing old Blums didn't brother Bigger that much, even though he was the most scared of them all. Bigger and Gus got into an argument that almost lead to a fight. While the gang were debating about robbing Old Blums, Old Doc was listening to their conversation. Doc with the fear of the gang robbing him told them to leave.

Richard wright wrote this chapter to compare and contrast of Black boy robbery their community and the white community. And also to show the world that cops in the 1930's don't care so much about black on black crime, but they do care about black on white crime.

"Native Son" Chapter 2

In chapter two Bigger and his friend were in the movie, watching a preview, when all of the sudden Bigger started looking suspiciously in the room to see if their were any attendant nearby. After that he then unzipped his pants and started to masturbate looking at Jack, until their eyes met. They both started to laugh. Then Jack said to Bigger you at it again? Bigger said yep I am polishing my night stick, me too, jack said. They then started to masturbate together. After doing what they were doing for couple minutes, they stopped and moved to new seats. They then started giggling thinking about the next person that would come in and sit at the seats they were masturbating in. Finally they started to look at the screen after the preview was over and started watching the movie in silence. A Few minutes later after the movie had already started a picture of a white beautiful skinny girl popped out, and also a comment about the girl, that says the girl name was Mary Dalton the daughter of Chicago's Henry Dalton, 4605, Drexel Boulevard. With a shock Bigger told Jack that, that was the daughter of the men he was going to work for.

Richard Wright wrote this chapter to show that at some state in the 1930's, Black Boys had nothing better to do but find an empty room somewhere and masturbate and think about girls all the time. Also to show the world that Black American did not have the same opportunity to get an education like most White American youth.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Communist Arrested In Murder Plot

Since the recent events of the murder of Mary Dalton an arrest has been made. The man in custody is her alleged boyfriend, and communist party member Jan Erlone. He is in questioning as he was last seen with her the night of her murder. Charges are pending the match of fingerprints. Following his arrest a communist household was raided, which lead to more arrest because of findings by the police. Today a communist lead protest is scheduled for 10 am in front of city hall. In an interview with two communist spokespersons, it was plain to see that they were outraged, and that they will not stop until justice is served. Also when I interviewed the Chicago Police Chief he was pleased with his force for the timely arrest. " Those damn Communist think they can do what they want, well i have news for you this is America" said the chief. With the unfortunate death of Mary, and the arrest Jan mix emotions have arose, and many hope the matter can be resolved peacefully. Stay tuned for more info.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008